Knitting Retreat

Spend Some Quality Knitting Time at the Friends and Fiberworks Knitting Retreat

Julie’s Beginning Spinning Class.

Join Friends and Fiberworks for our weekend knitting retreat at our retail store on Smokey Park Highway at 19 Westridge Market Place in Candler, North Carolina-still in the city limits of Asheville. 

Friends and Fiberworks is one of the largest yarn stores in the country, with over 28,000 varieties of yarn for fiber artists to choose from. So, with so many yarn options, it only seems natural for us to host a knitting retreat to showcase all the handmade things you can put together for yourself and loved ones year round. Visit our Retreat Schedule for more information on costs and times.

Learn New Stitches, Projects, and Patterns from Experts with Fellow Fiber Artists at Our Knitting Retreat

Lorri teaching!

The Friends and Fiberworks knitting retreat isn’t just a giant, weekend-long sewing circle. This knitting retreat features classes taught by expert fiber artists. In addition to having years of experience, many of our teachers are published authors in their respective fields, so you can be sure to get your money’s worth out of each and every class.

Plus, our knitting retreat is entirely a la carte. Pay for as many (or as few) classes as you want to take. Dive into the basics of weaving, learn how to put together a stylish and crafty new hat, or dye your own yarn to just the perfect hue—the choice is yours.

A Knitting Retreat Welcome to Felters, Weavers, Spinners, and Beyond

Vicki’s felted hat class!

Those familiar with the world of fiber artistry know that “knitting” is just one sub-section of a diverse, highly varied craft. Not every knitting retreat boasts courses for felters, weavers, and spinners too, but Friends and Fiberworks says come one, come all, and learn all about your favorite interests.

Buy Materials for the Knitting Retreat at Our Online Store

One of our vendors, Debbie, displays her wares!

One basic requirement for any knitting retreat is plenty of yarn! While you’re always welcome to purchase yarn at our knitting retreat headquarters on Smokey Park Highway at 19 Westridge Market Place in Candler, North Carolina-still in the city limits of Asheville. , it’s not always convenient to do so. Fortunately all our products are now available for sale online!

Visit our online store to find your favorite brands including Malabrigo, Berroco, Plymouth, Interlacements, Hand Painted Knitting Yarns, Bamboo Bloom yarns, Noro yarns, and more.

We carry your favorite fibers:

• alpaca yarn
• mohair yarn
• bamboo yarn
• cotton yarn
• wool yarn
• cashmere yarn
• angora yarn

and your favorite sizes, too:

• lace yarn
• fingering yarn
• sport yarn
• double-knit yarn (DK)
• worsted yarn
• aran (heavy worsted yarn)
• bulky yarn
• super-bulky yarn

Prepare for your next knitting retreat with yarns and fibers from Friends and Fiberworks. Remember, you can prepare for your next scarf project, felted bag, crocheted sweater, or knitted rug by getting your crafting materials ready. We’ll teach you the rest at the Friends and Fiberworks knitting retreat.

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