Knitting Cruise

Set Sail upon the Seven Seams aboard the Friends and Fiberworks Knitting Cruise

Picture drifting out among the calm ocean breeze with fellow fiber artists, like-minded knitters, spinners, crocheters, and weavers, all practicing and learning the craft under the sun and in luxurious comfort. This one-of-a-kind knitting cruise is headed up by the folks at Friends and Fiberworks, one of the biggest yarn stores in the country.

We hope you like how that sounds, because that’s exactly what we’re setting out to do. The Friends and Fiberworks knitting cruise aims to take all the things you love about our Asheville locale (learning, good society, and handcrafting) and ship them out to sea for a relaxing, educational cruise ship excursion. Grab your needles, a skein, and cast out onto a memory-making voyage. Take warning: on a knitting cruise, it’s up to you to craft your own souvenirs!

A Knitting Cruise with Workshops Galore

Whether you’re a beginner just getting the hang of a stitch or an experienced knitter with hundreds of projects under your belt, the Friends and Fiberworks knitting cruise is sure to help you dive deeper into the world of fiber artistry. We offer a number of workshops taught by expert craftspeople that will expose you to old traditions and new innovations in all fields of fiber:

• Spinning
• Knitting
• Weaving
• Felting
• Dyeing
• Crocheting

Learn how to felt and knit adorable and colorful fiber dolls and flowers, explore foreign cultures’ styles and techniques, pick up some tips on how to improve your speed, learn how to make and dye your own yarn, and even knit the perfect sunhat for the occasion on this knitting cruise.

Dive In before the Knitting Cruise

Why wait till you’re on deck to get started on your knitting cruise vacation? It’s never too early to start crafting. Friends and Fiberworks boasts a huge selection of over 28,000 varieties of yarns. We carry the popular brands including, but not limited to, Malbrigo yarns, Berroco yarns, Plymouth Yarn, Hand Painted Knitting Yarns and Interlacements yarn.

We also carry yarns of many fibers from animal to synthetic including alpaca yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn, silk yarn, bamboo yarn, acrylic yarn, and beyond. Prepare for the knitting cruise with a small stockpile to bring aboard and put to use.

Hook onto the Sewing Circle on a Knitting Cruise

Sewing is once again a social occasion! Proud knitters unite. Over the past several years the crafting and DIY communities have grown by leaps and bounds. A knitting cruise is a unique opportunity to hang out with old friends in the craft community and to make many new friends. With the Friends and Fiberworks knitting cruise, we want to take full advantage of the homesteading resurgence and bring fiber artists back together to mend our social tapestry through our favorite craft.

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