Hand Dyed Yarn

One of the Largest Selections of Hand Dyed Yarn in the Southeast

Friends and Fiberworks has over 28,000 varieties of yarn, making us your go-to shop online for hand dyed yarn. We carry a huge assortment of different hand dyed yarn, encompassing virtually everything from 100% pure natural fibers to animal-synthetic fiber combinations. From the daintiest of doilies to heavy duty rugs, Friends and Fiberworks has the supplies for your fiber project.

We carry many variations of:
• alpaca yarns
• cotton yarns
• mohair yarns
• wool yarns
• cashmere yarns
• acrylic yarns
• nylon yarns
• bamboo yarns
• mink yarns
• silk yarns

…plus many, many more in all sorts of blend variations and combinations from multiple brands. Find your personal, perfectly balanced hand dyed yarn blend that best suits your own sensibilities like a soft cashmere and angora yarn or warm, taut wool and nylon. We can also help you accommodate special needs like wool sensitivities or other allergies with 100% synthetic or natural fiber skeins.

Hand Dyed Yarn from Around the Globe—and at Home

At Friends and Fiberworks, we’re proud to feature hand dyed yarn from multiple countries and across different continents including yarns from Italy, yarns from Japan, yarns from Uruguay, yarns from Taiwan, yarns from Turkey, yarns from Chile, yarns from Peru, and yarns from Germany.

Alongside these high quality imports, we’re proud to take part in the revitalization of the textile and fiber industries on American soil with regular and hand dyed yarn from our own United States including locally made yarns from right here in Asheville, North Carolina.

Super Colorful Hand Painted and Hand Dyed Yarn

Hand painted yarn takes a little more time and effort to make than commercially dyed or hand dyed yarn, but the resulting non-homogenous, handmade brushstrokes create swirling colors-bordering-on-textures that are richer, more vibrant, and more distinct than the rest. If you’re looking to make a truly one-of-a-kind piece then hand painted knitting yarns are the way to go.

In addition to hand dyed yarn, Friends and Fiberworks also carries several brands that specialize in hand painted yarns including:

• Hand Painted Knitting Yarns (HPKY)
• Claudia Hand Painted Yarns
• Lanart
…and several small, one-time batches by local fiber artists.

Upgrade Your Next Hand Dyed Yarn Project with Novelty Yarn

Looking to add a little extra something to your next scarf, shawl, or sweater? Consider incorporating a novelty hand dyed yarn to add colorful, fancy rivulets, curls, or tassels to create a fashionable and stylish garment. We have multiple types of novelty hand dyed yarn such as:

• bouclé yarn
• chenille yarn
• ribbon yarn
• ladder yarn
• crepe yarn
• metallic yarn
• nub yarn
• slub yarn
• eyelash yarn
• core yarn

Browsing everything we have online is one thing, but seeing it all in person is a wholly different experience. Come visit Friends and Fiberworks located on Smokey Park Highway at 19 Westridge Market Place in Candler, North Carolina-still in the city limits of Asheville. , and see all the colors, ask all the questions, and learn the perfect stitch. Our physical location also offers classes.

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